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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beatriz Mordkowicz Borovich, (Beatriz Borovich) es: 
۞ Prof. de ensenanza secundari, Normal y Especial en Letras (UBA) y Lic. en Letras  (UBA),
۞ Magíster en Kabalah (USA),
۞ Ex-Titular de Cátedra de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Facultad de Arquitectura, Carrera Diseño Gráfico. Materia: Análisis Literario y Redacción.
۞ Directora de Cultura, RRHH y RRPP del Grupo Editorial Lumen. 
۞ Investigadora y  magister de Kabalah; de la literatura borgeana; de mitos y tragedia  griega;  y especialista en Cuentos maravillosos:  Ensayista. 
۞ Autora de más de 10 libros entre ellos La Cábala (6ta. Edición), Los caminos de Borges (2da. Edición), El Jasidismo, Cuentos judíos de siempre, Kabalah un camino hacia la luz (3ra edic.), Cuentos maravillosos, Una nueva revelación (2010). (Actualmente está escribiendo un nuevo libro de Kabalah)
۞ Dicta cursos en el Grupo Ariadna del Museo Malba y en el Instituto Religioso de Cultura Superior donde es  Directora del Grupo Beatriz Borovich. En ambos lugares dicta cursos semanales de Kabalah (actualmente tiene discípulos en 5 niveles.) presenciales y  online.  Conferencista nacional e internacional. Especialista internacional  en GEMATRIA: Aritmética Kabalista: indivual y por sinastría.


        Tuesday, May 17, 2011

        Ina Cüsters-van Bergen
        Magister and director of studies of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight

        Ina Cüsters-van Bergen founded the Hermetic Order Temple of Starlight® in 2003. Ina teaches the Western Mystery Tradition.
        'I see in an increasing amount of people the desire to choose a spiritual training. A solid background that helps to bring into a unity experiences picked up in courses and knowledge red in book. In this way their mystical experiences intensify, and they can give these experiences a concrete form in their lives.’

        Ina is a so called Cosmic Mediator an a Third Degree Adept, and a very experienced practicing ritual magician. Her lineage comes from Moina Matters and J.W. Brody-Innes of the Alpha et Omega Lodge of the Stella Matutina Temple of the Golden Dawn: through Dr. Theodore Moiriarty, Dion Fortune, who was the founder of the Society of the Inner Light, and through W.E. Butler and Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki of the Servants of the Light.
        After having finished the entire curriculum of the SOL, as a Third Degree Adept she founded her own school in 2003: the Hermetic Order Temple of Starlight®. Starting off as an official daughter school of the SOL in 2006 the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight hived off, and became an independent mystery school.
        At this moment Ina has focused herself completely on teaching, she writes lessons, rituals, lectures, gives workshops for students from different countries. Her goal is to make the ancient Mystery texts and techniques accessible for modern people who are interested in practical esoterics, and to offer a high quality spiritual training.
        "These techniques are very important, because they help people to grow and to heal on a very deep level.
        Ina is a trained Psychiatric Therapist, Sociotherapist, Hypnotherapists and healthcare manager. She is a certified NLP practitioner. Ina designs all the trainings of the Hermetic Order Temple of Starlight® in such a way that they integrate psychotherapeutic techniques such as hypnosis, NLP, Family Constellations, Alchemy, Qabalah and Ceremonial Magic into one system, that develops emotional, mental and spiritual health and growth into a person.

        Ina lectures and writes in Dutch, English and German.

        ·        The Temple of High Magic
        ·        De weg naar de oude mysteriën
        ·        Temple Training - towards the first degree initiation of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight®
        ·        Solo Magical Training - a intensive magical training for advanced students towards the higher degrees of the order.
        ·        Study material, rituals, courses, weekend workshops and Temple Retreats of the Hermetic Order Temple of Starlight®.
        What is the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight?
        The Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight is a modern Mystery school where men and women who seek enlightenment, liberation and self-actualisation work together in mixed lodges. We offer a cutting edge of spiritual technology that teaches the science of illumination and power. We work with techniques that create changes in consciousness in our students, that help them to activate their sources of inspiration, so that they develop into experts who work from a higher vision or inspiration. We teach the Western Mystery Tradition and White Ceremonial Magic
        Organized as a Brotherhood, we are a 'secret Order' opening up our doors to individuals who are interested in obtaining higher knowledge. We teach people the use of an archaic spiritual system, which we inherited from the pre-Christian Mystery Temples, called High Magic. High Magic is a system of spiritual development coming forth from antique Western cultures lying at the roots of our Western civilization (Babylon, Greece, Egypt and other). We combine this ancient system with modern techniques to reach alternate states of consciousness. In this way you dramatically increase your ability to change your world, and will awaken your wisdom to handle this power safely.
        Within the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight we teach people the use of High Magic in our modern society, so that you develop the highest spiritual levels within yourself, and will increase your health, balance your psyche and can use the ancient techniques of High Magic to improve your professional and family lives.
        Sunday, May 15, 2011
        Saturday, May 14, 2011
        Coordinator Spanish language.

        Contact information:


        Elena was born in Ulan-Ude, Russia in a family with deep roots in Siberian Shamanism as a Buryat ethnic and Tibetan buddhism Gelugpa.
        From the childhood she was participating in various shamanic rituals with family members,  relatives and local community.
        Even though the shamanic rituals connect her with the roots and the ancestors the buddhism is the second nature as a way to worship God and the creation. This religion is the only place where Dalai Lama accepted the mixture of shamanism and traditional living with the tibetan buddhist way of thinking.

        After graduation from the Buryat State University with a Master's in French and English Languages she moved to the US.  In the summer of 2001 she received initiation in Reiki level I Practitioner. Soon after, her life improved considerably. A year later, she took Reiki level II training and by September 2002 she became a Reiki Master.

        In her journey she is always seeking profound, new and adventurous courses and workshops to broaden the knowledge for her spiritual evolution and those around her. Therefore, in 2004 she got initiated as both an Adept and a Teacher into The Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light through The 7th Mystery School. 
        Her service at this time includes Reiki Healing, 22 Strand DNA Activations, etc.. Working closely with her intuition, she looks forward to empowering all who are open and seek greater knowledge and truth.

        Contact information:

        Raul Petrisor is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca.
        Born and educated in Romania, Raul uniquely combines engineering background with spirituality. While having his degree in Mechatronics and Industrial Robots from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, he began to study the spiritual science through the Romanian Dowsing Society. Actively engaged in the activity of the Society he became its lecturer and a vice-president of its subsidiary branch in Cluj Napoca. Since then he has come to be licensed in teaching over 15 systems of healing, including Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, Karuna Reiki, Usui Tibetan Reiki, Shamballa Multidimensional Reiki, Sacred Path Reiki and Atlantis Healing System.

        Travelling between the USA, Europe and Siberia, Raul founded School of Inner Light (Mystery School in Romania) and the International Center of Reiki, offering authentic spiritual knowledge and teachings for benefit and evolution of humanity. One of the major goals of this school is providing techniques for spiritual development to help those interested in self-knowledge and self-understanding and offering a spiritual path through self-purification and self-transformation at all levels of conscious and unconscious by activating Divine gifts and empowering for  benefit of increasing Light, God, and helping humanity.

        Always being in a search for methods and techniques for development,  empowerment and going beyond the limits, he began his studies within the 7th Mystery School, becoming Ceremonial Master and Ritual Master, Kabbalist, Alchemist and Shaman. Receiving all offered and necessary initiation he became  Adept, Teacher and Guide to Great White Brotherhood ans Sisterhood of Light devoting his life to the will and the manifestation of Divine Light and providing services and assistance as Healer, Shaman, Kaballist and Spiritual Teacher in the Hierarchy of Light.

        Raul is a gifted teacher and enjoys working with people, helping them uncover and activate their qualities, spiritual gifts, to manifest and increase spiritual potencies, to find peace, wisdom and knowledge necessary for divine contracts fulfillment.


            * 2009 ... INSTITUTE OF HERMETIC, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, TRAINING AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - President, Founding Member - Romania
            * 2005 ... INNER LIGHT SCHOOL (School Mysteries) - President, Founding Member - Romania.
            * 2008 ... REIKI ASSOCIATION OF ROMANIA - Member.
            * 2005 ... SCHOOL OF INNER LIGHT - President, Founding Member - Seattle, WA, USA.
            * 2003 ... REIKI INTERNATIONAL CENTER - President, Founding Member, New York, NY, USA
            * 2001-2003   ROMANIAN ORTHODOX YOUTH ASSOCIATION  - Vice-President, Founding Member - New York, NY, USA
            * 1998-2000 Apostle Andrei INFOENERGETIOCA Foundation - Lecturer (trainer)
            * 1997-2000 ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF DOWSING  - Vice President - Branch Cluj Napoca
            * 1996-2000 Students League of UTCN MECHANICAL PROFILE - President

        Contact information:

        Telephone: 0748-856-601


        Angela Socolean

        • Realizator of spiritual TV show "The drop of light" at the TV Bistrita.
        • Moderators and coordinators of various congresses, conferences and round tables on the spiritual, scientific, touristic and politic thematics 
        • Language coordinator: French
        • Organizator: first editin of Hermetic Congress 
        Contact information: