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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Elena was born in Ulan-Ude, Russia in a family with deep roots in Siberian Shamanism as a Buryat ethnic and Tibetan buddhism Gelugpa.
From the childhood she was participating in various shamanic rituals with family members,  relatives and local community.
Even though the shamanic rituals connect her with the roots and the ancestors the buddhism is the second nature as a way to worship God and the creation. This religion is the only place where Dalai Lama accepted the mixture of shamanism and traditional living with the tibetan buddhist way of thinking.

After graduation from the Buryat State University with a Master's in French and English Languages she moved to the US.  In the summer of 2001 she received initiation in Reiki level I Practitioner. Soon after, her life improved considerably. A year later, she took Reiki level II training and by September 2002 she became a Reiki Master.

In her journey she is always seeking profound, new and adventurous courses and workshops to broaden the knowledge for her spiritual evolution and those around her. Therefore, in 2004 she got initiated as both an Adept and a Teacher into The Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light through The 7th Mystery School. 
Her service at this time includes Reiki Healing, 22 Strand DNA Activations, etc.. Working closely with her intuition, she looks forward to empowering all who are open and seek greater knowledge and truth.

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